Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

Alfred Cares about the Caregiver

The caregiver cares for our sick and weak, but who cares for the caregiver? We have been told by many users that Alfred reassures them their family are in good … Continue reading

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Tears of Joy are Sweet

Working on the Alfred team is as much about technical excellence as it is about building relationships with users who care enough about us to reach out. Carlos, one of … Continue reading

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Alfred saved my mom from separation anxiety

How difficult is it to trust your baby with others? MiMi’s mom has the most animated account of her recent experience!!

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“I’ll Never Look at a Pile of Old Phones the Same Way” or Why We Created Alfred in the Age of Gadgets

We live in the golden age of gadgets. Things like smartphones and tablets are necessities for most, let alone the gazillion new things that are being invented. If you visit … Continue reading

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A Moment Like This

Our CEO once said that startup is a lonely road. Most of the time he sits in front of his computer trying to figure out what’s next, how to make … Continue reading

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Taiwanese Travel Blogger Icebonla Thinks Alfred is Awesome!

Photo credit: Iceblona Last week we shared a photo on our Facebook page (LIKE us!) from Taiwanese travel blogger, Icebonla. The photo got great feedback, so we thought we’d translate … Continue reading

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Got a Roommate from Hell? Alfred Can Help!

Photo Credit: It’s quite an experience to leave home and go to college. The dorm life is probably the first taste of independence (one may even say freedom) for many … Continue reading

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