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How to… Help Alfred Get the Most out of Your WiFi


Wifi signal can be such a fickle temptress. Some Alfredians wonder why their camera phones get disconnected even though their home WiFi seems to be working fine. The Alfred team did some experiments to show you how to help Alfred get the most out of it!

First thing first: WiFi signal isn’t as evenly distributed as you think. Even in a small space, there are spots with stronger/weaker signals. We used the Wifi Analyzer app as we walked around our office building where several WiFi connections are available. In the following clip, you can see how the signal weakens:

Second of all, WiFi signal is actually less steady than you might think. We don’t often realize that because many apps cache information. You wouldn’t find out even if the signal is gone for a few minutes. Alfred however, constantly needs WiFi to be able to communicate the information. Whenever WiFi is gone, Alfred is the first to know.

So what can you do to help?

1. Walk around at home with WiFi Analyzer, so that you can set Alfred up where the signal is stronger.

2. Getting a range extender also helps.

you see, before the wifi extender was installed, the signal was weak, and it took minutes to upload a photo to Facebook (look at the blue progress bar).


After the wifi extender was installed, signals picked up and upload was completed in a few seconds.


3. If you need Alfred to function 100%, try not to run many programs that might consume a lot of bandwidth at the same time. If you are more tech savvy, you can even assign bandwidth priority for Alfred!

We hope these tips are helpful!

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