Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

Introducing… Alfred 968!


Drumroll, please! The Alfred team proudly presents our latest build, 968! What’s new? Let’s take a look!

1. Wake Up!


What happens if your camera phone falls asleep? You can wake it up from the viewer phone! Simply tap on the yellow circle, and your camera will wake up! Please make sure the phone is plugged into a power source. If it has powered down, there is nothing the viewer phone can do.

2. Manual Recording

Press to Record

Yes, manual recording is now a reality! Simply press and hold the button to record, then release it when you are done. You can record a clip for up to 30 seconds.

3. Moment


Think of Moment as your favorites: the clips that you manually recorded as well as the ones that you have chosen to share as links go in there. Finding the clips that you like has never been easier!

4. Delete Videos

Delete Videos

Long-clip on a clip you no longer want. You will see an “x” on the clip as well as a trash can on the upper right corner of the screen. You can even select multiple clips and delete them in one go!

5. Smart Motion Detection (SMD)


We want Alfred to be as user-friendly as possible. That’s why we developed Smart Motion Detection!
Here is an example: if Alfred guards your house while you are at work, you’d want to leave Motion Detection on. When you get home however, you might not want Alfred to send you hundreds of notifications with clips of you walking around. Therefore, when your viewer phone joins the network where your camera(s) are installed, it sends you an option to turn OFF motion detection and vice versa. This intuitive design saves you the time for having to change the settings manually. Neat huh?

Remember to update your Alfred and let us know if you love these new features! Contact us if you have more questions!


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