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Introducing… Alfred TV

Download Alfred to turn your smartphones into FREE home security cameras

JoJo plays with drinking fountain

We went through the new features of Alfred 886 earlier this week, and we thought we’d highlight the most coveted one here. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alfred TV

What is Alfred TV? 

When Alfred detects motion, it automatically records a 5-second clip and sends you a push notification. The clips are saved in your event book and kept for 7 days.

Why Alfred TV?

Because fun things happen when you are not around, and you might want your family and friends to see it, too!

How do I start my own Alfred TV channel?

For the moment you can’t choose to save the clips yet (this will be available in our next update so stay tuned), but you can choose to SHARE the clip. A link is generated only if you choose to share, and it will never expire. There you go, that’s the material for your very own Alfred TV!

We have shared some funny clips on our Facebook page and we’d love to see yours, too!

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    August 26, 2015



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