Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

Introducing… Alfred 886

Alfred 886

Drumroll, please! Recently, Alfred’s excellent team of hardworking engineers made 886 a reality. It has been receiving fantastic reviews and we could not be more proud! If you haven’t updated, or if you haven’t figured all the awesome new features out, here is a little introduction that will hopefully answer your questions.

1. If you have the motion detection feature on (and we strongly suggest you turn it on), Alfred sends you a push notification when motion is detected. If you don’t see it immediately, Alfred saves the recording in the event book for you for up to 7 days!

2. Say you watch your dog/cat/baby with Alfred and they do something funny, you can share the clip with one click! The link is only created if you decide to share. Once it’s there, it will never expire.

3. We know that most people pay more attention to their computers than their phones at work. That’s why you can now use our Webviewer to keep an eye on everything! Just download Firefox and log in to the same Gmail account. You are ready to go!

 4. Trust circle: if you are going on holiday (by the way, we are very jealous), share your camera access with your friends, family, or neighbors. That way, they can jump in and help when you are miles away!

5. Alfred’s 100 poses: technically speaking this isn’t new, but you can now share your photos directly in the app. Want to be the featured superhero on our Facebook page (LIKE it if you haven’t)? Show us how you set Alfred up and it just might happen!

Got any more questions? Want to let us know how much you love Alfred or what we can do to improve? Shoot us an email!

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