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Alfred Cares about the Caregiver

The caregiver cares for our sick and weak, but who cares for the caregiver? We have been told by many users that Alfred reassures them their family are in good hands, but how do things look on the other side? Betty, a caregiver, told us how Alfred helps her with her patients.

I work as a caregiver for an agency that supplies hospital patients with caregivers. If the patients need some help to get back on their feet, their family can ask the hospital, which in turn contacts the agency to send a caregiver. I take care of the patients until they are discharged. Depending on the patient’s condition, I have a new one every few days.

A job like this is almost a 24/7 one. My meal breaks are short, as I cannot leave the patient’s side for too long. Some patients are stable and clear, so I can tell them that I am quickly going to get some food. Others are confused or very ill, which makes my short meal run a nerve-wrecking one.

I was told there are some apps that can help me keep an eye on my patients when I have to leave their side. I found some of them, but pairing devices was a headache and I had problems getting them to work. Then I saw Alfred and decided to give it a go. Alfred turned out to be an amazing app! It is so easy to set up. In a few clicks, it is done. I turn on motion detection, so I know whether I have a few minutes to spare or I have to get back to the room as fast as I can. I also build a trust circle with the family. That way, they can see how the patient is doing, and they know someone is always watching.

Speaking to Betty was an enlightening experience. Too often we forget those in the service industry are also flesh and blood. They too need a breather from time to time. In a sector where under-staffing and overworking are becoming the norm, we are glad that Alfred can help them reduce the stress factor. Every little bit helps!

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