Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

Alfred saved my mom from separation anxiety

How difficult is it to trust your baby with others? MiMi’s mom has the most animated account of her recent experience!!

Mi saying hi to the camera

My mom has been a terminal cancer patient for a while. The treatment is a brutal torture for her, and for me too. I have been her caretaker, but it is our cat MiMi who can really bring her comfort.

She has been depressed for some time and about a month ago, she decided to take advice from my brother and take a 6-week trip to different countries. Bucketlist. The word immediately sprang to my mind. If you were me, you’d understand how much I want her to stay hopeful and agree to the idea.

The only concern is MiMi. We need someone we can trust to take care of her for such a long time. The idea of not having her around was almost a deal breaker. Luckily we found a boutique hotel for cats. The staff was professional and caring. The rooms were huge. The guest cats all looked happy and they bonded with the staff. Best of all, each room is equipped with wifi cameras.

Mi stretching out

We checked out the fan page and customer reviews, visited the hotel, and made a reservation for MiMi right away.

The hotel staff asked us to install Alfred, and said to add us into the Trust Circle on the day of check-in. We were excited when we checked MiMi in. She liked the space, though she was a bit reluctant to leave my mom’s lap at first. We couldn’t wait to try out the wifi camera, Alfred, but for unknown reasons, my mom could not access the internet.

She had a panic attack right there. She was out of breath and panting. I seriously thought she might have a stroke. The lady at the cat hotel checked her phone setting and found out that she turned off mobile data network. Surely. She was at home all the time and had wifi access around the clock. She didn’t need mobile data. Once it was activated, and Alfred showed her MiMi on her phone, her rage began to subside.

Mi having fun

It has been 4 days since we left MiMi. Alfred shows us that MiMi enjoys her retreat as well. We could call her using the walkie-talkie function in Alfred and she would meow to the phone.

Alfred set our mind at rest when we saw the staff talking softly to MiMi and groomed her.

Thank you, Alfred developers, for saving my mom from separation anxiety and helping her realize the dream.

Mi trusts her nanny

This message brought us to tears. Everyone in the Alfred team holds the firm belief that this is not the bucketlist and there are so many more trips to take!!!!! What a miracle it is that we are building a technology that connects love!!   What is your story with Alfred? We’d love to hear it.

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