Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

“I’ll Never Look at a Pile of Old Phones the Same Way” or Why We Created Alfred in the Age of Gadgets


We live in the golden age of gadgets. Things like smartphones and tablets are necessities for most, let alone the gazillion new things that are being invented. If you visit a crowdfunding site, you will see things that you “didn’t know you needed.” From a glass that keeps track of your water intake has well as what is in the glass, to a special kettle that allows you to heat up the exact amount of water you need as well as anything else you might want to consume warm. A lot of inventors want their inventions to help make life better, but how many of those gadgets have really transformed anyone’s life?

A little while back, we received this photo from an Alfredian.


It took us a few seconds to figure out what that strangely familiar-looking plastic is: it’s the clip that seals a bag of bread! We complimented him on the genius idea. Alfred is all about repurposing and recycling, and this seems like the best example of those ideas. We said:” we will never look at that plastic in the same way!”

His answer blew us away:” I will never look at a pile of old phones the same way.”

That’s when it hit us: this sentence perfectly captures part of the reason why we created Alfred.

Do you know why you keep seeing a gazillion gadgets you did not know you need nowadays? It is because chances are you don’t need them. When a post-it or simply adding a piece of lemon to your water can increase your water intake, why invest in a special glass? When paying a little attention to how much water you are putting in your kettle or even figuring out how many seconds it takes to heat up a mug of milk in the microwave, do you really need a special kettle for that purpose? If you are fully aware you are buying such an item for the design, there is nothing wrong with it. However, a lot of these things end up collecting dust somewhere in the corner.

That’s when we started thinking: what do people really need? You would think you can’t live without your smartphone (we must admit the mere thought makes us shudder), but seriously, you can. Besides food and water, what we all need is a sense of security. We need to know everything is OK even though we can not be physically present at all times. Be it a sick parent, a naughty pet, or a baby in the next room. We have to feel secure so that we can go on doing amazing things with our lives, and that’s why you need Alfred!

Next time you can’t be in two places at the same time, or when you have to leave someone/something behind for work, turn Alfred on and we hope we are taking that weight off your chest!

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