Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

Alfred Is Your Home Surveillance System… in Disguise!

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If you have watched any TV or movies about breaking and entering at all, you know one of the first things burglars do is disconnecting the surveillance cameras (and maybe giving your dog a piece of something so it would be less suspicious). They are right there. They are a clear target. It is almost as if they were shouting: “disconnect me lest you get into trouble!”

As one Alfredian pointed out, this is yet another reason why you need Alfred in your life! “If it is a surveillance camera, burglars will disconnect it right away when they break in. But with Alfred, it looks just like a phone being charged, especially when you activate the power-save mode and the display is off.”

Speaking of the good camouflage, have you checked out Alfred’s 100 Poses? Please share how you install the smartest home surveillance system with the other Alfredians, so they can truly keep their homes safe! Oh, and of course, give us a five-star review if you haven’t already!

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