Smart phone reinvented for a safer home

Alfred keeps the house intact

Received a message that reads: “BEST app of 2015 !!!”. Couldn’t help wondering what story led to this pleasing accolade, so I wrote back and found this: Download Alfred and turn your smartphone into a FREE IP cam, baby monitor, security camera, surveillance camera, spy cam

I’m really happy with your app.
Thanks to it I found my dog right about to break the cable connected to the socket and I screamed at her through the tablet and she heard me and stopped chewing lol
1 day before that she broke one cable and burnt the fuse. You can imagine how helpful Alfred was!

 Alfred saved my dog from any injury braking and burning an extension could cause, plus the money and time spent going to buy a new fuse to replace the burnt one.

Download Alfred and turn your phone into an IP cam, baby monitor, security camera, surveillance camera

Reading this, happiness bubbles inside me. I can totally envision the little one looking all naive and innocent, and myself telling the furry naughty “Hey, as cute as you try to be, it is very very dangerous. Luckily Alfred stopped you and prevented a fire”. I have to quote my friend, “Chew the carpet. It’s bad, but it’s better”. Reading user emails is the best part of my job and the Alfred team takes so much pleasure in knowing that you stop worrying about your loved ones every time you open the app.

Download Alfred and turn your phone into a security camera, surveillance camera, ip camera, baby monitor, pet cam

Meet Maggie, the lovely doggie that created the story to prove Alfred’s values.

Download Alfred, the best home security appfree nanny cam, free baby cam, free home security cameraLike Alfred, the mobile app turning your smartphone into surveillance cameras

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